MPPSC Topper – Harshal Choudhary, MPPSC 2018 [Rank-1]

mppsc topper harshal choudhary

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Friends, recently commission has announced the result of the MPPSC State Services Exam 2018. And, this year Mr Harshal Choudhary has got Rank 01 in this exam.

In this blog post, we are going to see his journey of MPPSC preparation, Strategy, Book-list suggested by him and many more things in his own words. This post will help you to understand various aspects of this exam.

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So, Let’s Go!

MPPSC Topper – Mr Harshal Choudhary

In this blog, we will read about Mr Harshal Choudhary, Rank-1, MPPSC 2018. He is selected for the post of Deputy Collector. Let’s see his journey!

Harhsal Choudhary Bio
Name Mr Harshal Choudhary
Rank Rank 01, MPPSC 2018
Post Deputy Collector
Mains Marks 873
Interview Marks 150 (175)
Medium English
Attempt 2
Education B. Tech, NIT Raipur
Job Coal India
Hometown Mandla
Hello friends!

I am Harshal Choudhary. I have secured the First Rank in the state civil services examination 2018 conducted by MPPSC. In the recent one month of my life, when it went through a paradigm shift, I have met oodles of aspirants, their parents, friends, and well-wishers who are intrigued to know my journey and strategy of handling this esteemed examination. Several others have also demanded to share my strategy via comments on YouTube, Instagram etc. So let me take you through the glimpse of my itinerary.

Harshal Choudhary School Education

I studied at Bharat Jyoti Higher Secondary School, Mandla till the 10th. After my 10th, I opted for Maths, Physics and Chemistry subjects and went to Bhilai to prepare for engineering entrance examinations (AIEEE, IIT-JEE etc.) so that I get into a decent engineering college.


I cleared AIEEE ( the engineering entrance exam at that time in 2009) and got Mining Engineering Branch in the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur. During my college, I solely focused my efforts on getting good grades and excelling in academics so that I had the upper hand during the campus selections (as I was in dire need of a job??). I did not even think of studying civil services at that point in time. I never even bothered to read the newspapers in that period.

Job in Coal India Limited

As soon as I completed my engineering, I got placed in Coal India Limited (a Maharatna Public Sector Undertaking) via campus recruitment. I am still working in Coal India Limited as Assistant Manager from 21st August 2013 till date. I have given my resignation notice on 2nd March 2019 and will have to serve the company for 90 days till 2nd June 2019 after which I will be officially relieved from the company to join civil services.

Preparation along with Job 

Coal India had made me sign the BOND PERIOD of 5 years. When the 4th year of BOND was on the verge of completion, I started preparing for MPPSC ( i.e. from September 2016) i.e. almost three months before the notification of MPPSC 2017. I anyhow took out 4-5 hours after my daily job routine and studied with full dedication.

At that point of time, I want to convey this message to all the aspirants that studying with dedication even for 4-5 hours is sufficient if your study is productive and is done with full concentration.

For prelims, I focused only on self-studies and took my Prelims exam and scored good ( i.e. 164 marks). At that time, it was being assumed by experts that the cut-off marks will be near about the score of 138 marks.

Being sure of myself clearing the prelims, I started preparing for the Mains exam immediately. I realised that I need to understand the examination pattern and orient my preparation according to the demand of the examination, I took leave from the company and went to Indore. There, I joined Kautilya Academy on 24th February 2017 and started attending classes for the Mains examination.

I started studying for the Mains examination at Kautilya academy from 24th February 2017. I could just study for almost 36 days and on 31st March 2017, the result of the Prelims exam was declared. unfortunately, my name was missing from the list.

Though I had answered 82 questions correctly, but I missed marking the set bubble in the OMR sheet and was hence disqualified.

Deeply saddened by my foolish error, I came back on 31st march 2017 to my job in Coal India hoping to reappear in MPPSC 2018.

Preparation for MPPSC 2018

The day I came back to my job after being disqualified from Prelims, I decided that I will make complete notes of every single topic of the Mains exam syllabus on my own before the dates for Prelims 2018 are announced i.e. I had decided to complete my mains syllabus notes well before prelims 2018 notification.

I used to take out 3-4 hours daily after my routine duty, devoted them to study and made complete notes of almost all the topics by self-study (with the given book list, YouTube channels and internet sources etc.). In this period, I just made notes, I did not learn the entire syllabus while making notes. The basic idea of each topic was somehow absorbed in my subconscious mind and I knew the topics and content cursorily.

Now as soon as the date for Prelims 2018 was announced, I started preparing for it on my own. I gave the prelims exam and when I was quite sure of clearing the cut-off well, I started preparing for MAINS through SELF-STUDY ( Now I only had to revise the notes prepared by me earlier, I did not have to search for new topics, new notes, new books as my Mains exam notes were already prepared by now).

On June 10, 2018, I again took leave from my office and went to Indore to join the Test Series for Answer Writing Practice at Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Civil Services at Bhanvarkuan, Indore. I gave 3 Full-Length Tests during that month of preparation before the Mains which was conducted during the last week of July 2018. Then I appeared in the Mains examination in July and cleared it.

Then I came back to my job and started reading magazines and newspapers diligently as I knew that this is going to help me in the interview.

As soon as the MAINS result was announced and I was in the selected list, I came to Indore a week before my interview in order to give a few mock interviews for practice. I had given 2 mock interviews each in Indore Kautilya Academy and in MGICS.

Then finally I gave the interview at MPPSC on 16th January 2019 and again came back to my Job on 17th January 2019.

The results were announced on 26th January 2019 (The Republic Day) and Rest you all Know!

Word For Students

A word for students who wish to clear exams by SELF STUDY.

Trust me….it is POSSIBLE!

Even I had made it through self-study and we have seen hundreds of other examples. I had just attended 36 days of MAINS coaching which is meagre and can be easily neglected. Remember, time is the most valuable asset. Once you utilize your time in the right direction with full dedication and honesty, you can do it on your own. Trust yourself and surround yourself with positive energy. DO NOT GET DEMOTIVATED due to lack of resources.

Develop the fire within you. Be the change you want to see.


What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.Buddha

Harshal Choudhary Mark Sheet

Here you can check the Marksheet of MPPSC topper Harshal Choudhary.

Harshal Choudhary Mark-Sheet
Harshal Choudhary’s Mark-Sheet

Let me clear again another popular myth related to the coaching institutes I had joined –

  1. 24th Feb 2017 to 31st March 2017 (36 days) — Kautilya Academy, Indore (for mains exam preparation)
  2. 10th June 2018 to 10th July 2018 — Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Civil Services (only and only for test series of answer writing practice and mock interviews)
  3. Indore Kautilya Academy — Just for 2 mock interviews

This was the only exposure to coaching institutes for which I am deeply thankful to them. The rest of the preparation was with SELF STUDY which everyone should focus on.


Harshal Choudhary Book List

You can check the book list by MPPSC topper Harshal Choudhary by the below link.

[MPPSC Topper Harshal Choudhary Book List]

Harshal Choudhary Mains Copy

Here is the MPPSC Mains copy of MPPSC topper Harshal Choudhary.

[Harshal Choudhary Mains Copy Economy]

[Harshal Choudhary Mains Copy History]

[Harshal Choudhary Mains Copy Hindi]

[Harshal Choudhary Mains Copy Polity]

[Harshal Choudhary Mains Copy Science]

Harshal Choudhary Notes

Here is a sample of the MPPSC notes of Harshal Choudhary.

[Harshal Choudhary MPPSC Notes]

Harshal Choudhary Contact

He is a very humble and kind person. If you have any queries regarding the MPPSC exam, you can contact him at his Instagram Handle.

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Disclaimer: We are sharing all this information with proper authorization from Mr Harshal Choudhary. We have tried our best to provide you authenticate information, If you still found anything wrong with the content, please write to us at

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