Latest MPPSC Exam Calendar 2023-24

Friends, here you can check & download the latest MPPSC Exam Calendar 2023-24. This MPPSC Exam calendar is released on 22 August 2023. So, you can start preparing by keeping these dates in mind.

MPPPSC Exam Calendar 2023-24

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) has released its exam calendar for the year 2023-24, and it’s time for aspiring candidates to gear up for a series of competitive examinations.

Whether you are eyeing a career in the civil services, forest services, or any other government department in Madhya Pradesh, this calendar is your roadmap to success. In this blog, we will provide you with an overview of the latest MPPSC exam calendar and key details about the upcoming exam.

Some Important Exam Dates –

  1. State Services Mains Exam 2022                             –  30th Oct to 4th Nov 2023
  2. State Forest Services Mains Exam 2022             –  10th Dec 2023
  3. State Services Prelims Exam 2023                         –   17th Dec 2023
  4. State Services Mains Exam 2023                             –  11th March to 16th March 2024
  5. State Services Prelims Exam 2024                         –   28th April 2024


MPPSC Interview Timeline

Here is expected MPPSC Interview Timeline for various exams. It is released by MPPSC on 3rd October 2023. Here you can see MPPSC interview dates for State Service & State Forest Services exam.

The release of the latest MPPSC Exam Calendar for 2023-24 is a significant event for job seekers in Madhya Pradesh. It provides a clear roadmap for aspirants aiming to secure positions in various government departments and services.

Make sure to mark the important dates on your calendar, and start your preparation journey today. Success awaits those who are diligent and committed to their goals. Good luck !

If there is any change in these dates, we will update on this blog accordingly.

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