MPPSC Daily Practice Paper – 15 Jan 2022

Here you can solve MPPSC Daily Practice Paper for January 2022 month. It includes MCQs from Current Affairs, MP GK and Static GK. It will be helpful for the MPPSC Prelims exam.

MPPSC Mains 3 Marker

In this Daily Practice Paper (DPP), we have now started adding a few 3 Markers Questions for MPPSC Mains Exam Practice. You have to give your answers in the comment section in 10-20 words either in Hindi or English.

This will be really helpful as 3 Marker Questions play an important role during MPPSC Mains Examination. And most of them are factual so, can be prepared along with Prelims preparation.

Here are the Questions for Today!

  1. Bioremediation / जैविक उपचार
  2. Finance Commission / वित्त आयोग

Now, Let’s Solve the DPP !

MPPSC DPP – 15 Jan

Question : 10
Language : हिंदी / English
Time : 10 Minutes
Negative Mark : No

 चलिए शुरुआत करते है ! 

If you think there is an issue with any question, please contact us on Telegram or Whatsapp.

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  1. Finance commission – It is a constitutional body which is defined under Article-280 of Indian constitution, Every five year it is constituted by President for Allocation of Revenue b/w Centre and state. Its present chairman is Mr. N.K Singh.

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