Friends, as you know, Practice makes a man perfect. So, on this page, you can solve more than 10K+ MCQs related to MPPSC & many Free MPPSC Mock Test Papers. You can solve ;

  • Previous Year Papers (Last 12-15 Years)
  • Full-Length Mock Test Papers on MPPSC pattern
  • Test Papers of different coaching centres
  • Practice Test papers of other exams like UPSC, RPSC, CGPSC, etc.

We are continuously adding more and more test papers on this page. You can subscribe to our newsletter so that when we add any test, you will get it in your mailbox. These all MPPSC mock test papers are available in Hindi as well as in the English language also.

Also, Keep in mind that,

If talent does not do hard work. Then always Hard Work will beat Talent. 

So, keep doing Hard Work with Smart Strategy.

MPPSC Daily Practice Paper

In this section, we Daily post a mini Mock Test for the MPPSC Prelims exam. In this series, you can daily solve 10 MCQs from,

  • Current Affairs Section
  • MP GK Section
  • Static GK Section

These tests are available in Hindi as well as in the English language.

Here is DPP for Dec Month –

MPPSC Previous Year Prelims Papers

Friends, previous year papers are always Important. In this section, you can solve all the previous year’s papers of the prelims exam. These papers give you an idea that what kind of questions are asked in the prelims exam, what are their standard, from which subject questions are asked etc. So, this section will help you a lot.

Papers are available in both Hindi as well as in the English language. Right now only General Science paper is available, but we are also trying to add General Aptitude paper as well.

MPPSC Mock Test Papers

Friends, In this section you can solve a lot of Mock Test Papers for your preparation. These papers are set according to the standard and syllabus of the MPPSC Prelims exam.

Here you will also get Subjective Mock Test papers of History, Geography, MP GK, Polity, Science etc which will boost your preparation of that particular subject. These tests are available in both languages.

So, Go and Solve them !

MPPSC General Studies Mock Test Papers –

This section contains General Studies Mock Test papers, which have mixed questions from History, Geography, Polity etc. Papers available here are just like the First paper of MPPSC Prelims.

General Studies (Click Me)

MPPSC History Mock Test Papers –

In this section, you can solve mock test papers related to History.

History (Click Me)

Madhya Pradesh GK Mock Test Papers –

In this part, you will solve Madhya Pradesh specific mock test papers.

MP Specific (Click Me)

MPPSC Commission Mock Test Papers –

In the MPPSC 2020 Syllabus, There are some specific Constitutional Bodies ae mentioned. So, here you can solve Mock Test Papers on Commissions Part.

Commission (Click Me)

MPPSC ICT Mock Test Papers –

In this part, you will solve MPPSC Information and Communication Technology Mock Test papers.

MP Specific (Click Me)

MPPSC Polity & Economy Mock Test Papers –

In this section, you will solve mock test papers of Polity and Economy.

Polity & Economy (Click Me)

MPPSC Current Affairs Mock Test Paper –

Here you can solve the MPPSC Current Affairs Mock Test paper.

Current Affairs (Click Me)

MPPSC Geography Mock Test Papers –

In this section, you will solve questions from the Indian Geography part.

Geography (Click Me)
Coming Soon

MPPSC Science Mock Test Papers –

Here, you can solve questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects.

Science (Click Me)
Coming Soon

MPPSC Miscellaneous Mock Test Papers –

Here you will find mock test papers from different sections like Sports, Awards, Books etc.

Miscellaneous (Click Me)
Coming Soon

Disclaimer: While creating this paper/content, the MPPSC Club has kept complete vigilance. But even if you get a human error, tell it in the comments box along with facts. Our team will try to rectify it as soon as possible. If you have any problem with content, you can always contact us at

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