MPPSC Daily Practice Paper – 22 March 2021

Friends, Let’s solve the MPPSC Daily Practice Paper series for March Month. Here is DPP for 22nd March 2021 which will be helpful for MPPSC 2020 Prelims.

MPPSC Mains 3 Markers

In this Daily Test, we are also started adding a few 3 Markers Questions for Mains Exam Practice. You have to give your answers in the comment section in 10-20 words.

This will be really helpful as 3 Marker Questions play an important role during Mains Examination.

So, here are Questions for Today!

  1. What do you mean by ‘Union Of States’? / ‘राज्यों  के संघ ‘ से आपका क्या तात्पर्य है?
  2. How many women members were there in Constituent Assembly? / संविधान सभा में कितनी महिला सदस्य थीं?

Try to write your answers in Hindi or English in the comment section.

Now, Let’s Solve the Prelims test!

In this series, you can daily solve 10 MCQs from,

  • Current Affairs Section
  • MP GK Section
  • Static GK Section

Those who have followed this series during MPPSC Prelims 2019, have found it quite useful and helpful during Prelims 2019 paper.

So let’s get ready for Daily Dose!

MPPSC Mini Mock Test – 22 March

प्रश्न : 10
भाषा : हिंदी / English
समय : 10 मिनट
नकारात्मक अंक नहीं

 चलिए शुरुआत करते है ! 

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One Comment on “MPPSC Daily Practice Paper – 22 March 2021”

  1. Union of states: Article 1 defines India that is Bharat as a union of states.
    India is divided into states for the convenience of management (it is not a result of agreement of states, as in USA)
    The states have no right to secede from the federation

    Constituent assembly
    It was formed on November 9 Dec. 1946
    it has a total of 389 members out of which 15 were women members.

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